South coast bus to Skógar

At Skogar you will find the magnificent Skogafoss waterfall. In the area you find some of the most visited sites on the South Coast - such as Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss. Skógar is the start or end point of the rather challenging hike over Fimmvörðuháls mountain pass over to Þórsmörk. You can book a return fare to Skogar either for one day or bring your tent and stay for more days. The South coast bus to Skógar bus departs daily from Reykjavik at the Harpa Concert Hall and from the Reykjavík Campsite.

South Coast bus - from Reykjavík to Skógar

Operated from June 10th - Sept 15th

From Bus stops at: Time Scenic stop
Reykjavik Harpa concert hall 07:00  
Reykjavík Campsite 07:15  
Hveragerði Tourist Info / Campsite 07:55  
Selfoss Bus stop/Campsite 08:15  
Hella Bus stop/Campsite 09:10  
Hvolsvöllur N1 Gas Station 09:40  
Seljalandsfoss Parking 10:00-10:30   30 min
Skógar Campsite 11:00-14:00   3 hours


From Bus stops at: Time Scenic stop
Skógar Campsite 14:00   
Seljalandsfoss Parking 14:30-15:00   30 min
Hvolsvöllur N1 Gas Station 15:30   
Hella Bus stop/Campsite 15:50  
Selfoss Bus stop/Campsite 16:20  
Hveragerði Tourist Info / Campsite 16:40  
Reykjavík Harpa concert hall 17:30  

Please note this is a tourist bus with scenic stops at the most visited sites.  All tours must be booked on-line in advance! Passengers to Glacier lagoon must change bus at Skogar.

Additional price for bicycles: ISK 4,000.- Please note that we can not guarantee space on the bus for bicycles at all times.

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